Fast service, high volume discount


Fast service, high volume discount

Complete Printing and Mail
Advertising Service Center

Complete Printing and Mail Advertising Service Center

♦ Laser Mail-Merge & Personalized Letters

♦ Full-Service Data Processing Center

♦ Mailing List Management & Data Entry

♦ NCOA (National Change of Address)

♦ High Speed Direct Inkjet Addressing

♦ Machine Labeling / Inserting/ Folding/Tabbing

Superior Mail Stream Monitoring Powerful Piece-Level Analysis

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) – USPS reference link


♦ Metering / Bursting / Affix Live Stamp
♦ Zip Sort, Tie, Tray & Bag for First Class and Presorted Standard
♦ Hand Work & Fulfillment
♦ Postal Report & Delivery to USPS
♦ Quality Color Printing

Address Corrections and Coding

Address Corrections and Coding

♦ NCOA (National Change of Address) – Correct street
addresses, cities, states and Zip codes.
♦ Insert or correct Zip+6 codes (bar-coded) for postal
discounts and greater accuracy.
♦ Insert carrier route (line of travel) codes for
faster delivery of mail.

♦ Clean list for easy detection of near duplicates.
♦ Print out CASS certificate, mail list sorting, USPS
qualification report in accordance with postal regulations

♦ Address Coding & Corrections/NCOA SCAN/Duplicate Check/CASS Certify

Want Lower Rates?
. . . Automate.

Want Lower Rates?
. . . Automate.

Here’s a case where the normally rigid Postal Service is giving mailers an alternative. Instead of using regular presorted mail, try automation compatible mail. Your mail service runs your mailing list through a software program that finds the +4 for each zip code and carrier route for each address (postal speak). The software then creates a delivery point bar code and prints it out with each address.

This kind of due diligence means the Postal Service can process your mailing through its labor-saving bar code scanners. And believe it or not, they pass the savings along to you . . . a savings that is actually going to increase.

Postage rate as of April 10, 2016 the basic rate for Standard Class A (new name for 3rd class) is 30.7¢, but the basic rate for automation compatible is only 25.5¢. That .052¢ savings can add up, especially if you’re doing a large mailing.For example you could save $520.00 on postage when you mail out 10,000 mailers.

Automation compatible mailing also speeds up delivery, even for the Post Office. Currently, Standard A (3rd) class automation mail goes through the postal distribution system as first class mail, even though you only pay third class rates. For companies that use a lot of direct mail this means improved cash flow. The turn around time between mailing and receiving orders is drastically shortened and the postage cost is substantially reduced. A win-win from the USPS.

What? Your current mailing service hasn’t told you about automation compatible mailings?

Probably because most mailing services don’t do it. USPS automation compatible mailing rules and regulations are tough to understand and employ. They’re written in postal-speak. Some mailing services pass along the costs of the automation compatible learning curve to their customers . . . not at ALLSTATES MAILING.

ALLSTATES MAILING took the time to figure out automation compatible and to set up the necessary computer processing and related equipment to process automation compatible mailings. We didn’t raise fees or sacrifice turnaround time or quality. Today ALLSTATES MAILING is one of only a handful of full printing and mailing services that specializes in automation compatible mail at a low cost while maintaining high quality standards and fast turnaround.

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