What is EasyTrack (Individual Mail Piece Tracking) Superior Mail Stream Monitoring Powerful Piece-Level Analysis?

Superior Mail Stream Monitoring Powerful Piece-Level Analysis

Allstates Mailing Services., Inc. using the EasyTrack add-on service for Bulk Mailer provides you with valuable visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS mail stream.
Easily monitor your First-Class Mail and Standard Mail letter and flats from the time they are deposited at USPS though their predicted delivery.EasyTrack Snapshot to generate a clear summary of all scans activity for a single mailing and EasyTrack Complete for access to all reports, maps and individual mail piece tracking.


– Improve Customer Service

– Monitor Mail Delivery Windows
– Identify Processing Delays
– Predict Response Windows for Direct Mail Campaigns
– Ensure Vendors are Performing as Promised
– Improve Delivery Predictability

EasyTrack helps you determine when to anticipate a response to a mailing and when there might be a problem. When indicate by the Intelligent Mail barcode, USPS makes a raw scan data collected as a letter and flats pass though USPS automation equipment available to mailers. The EasyTrack service transforms this raw data into valuable reports, maps and other information you can actually use.

EasyTrack Snapshot:

Effectively Monitor the Progress of a Mailing

Many mailers, and their clients, simply need to know when a mailing has been accepted by USPS and how much of that mail is expected to be out for delivery.
An exclusive option for Bulk Mailer, EasyTrack Snapshot summarizes critical information about a specific mailing including the induction date, number of mail pieces
and daily scan totals.

Once initiated within Bulk Mailer, the EasyTrack Snapshot report generates a scan report and trending graph based on the latest data provided by USPS. The EasyTrack Snapshot report helps you determine:

– When USPS started processing a mailing

– The expected delivery window

– The possibility of a delivery problem

EasyTrack Complete:

Actionable Reports from Mail Tracking Data:

The EasyTrack Complete add-on provides access to more detailed information about the status of a portion of a mailing or a single mail piece. Reports show where mail was last scanned, provide a breakdown by ZIP Code and can even help you identify late deliveries.
Start with the EasyTrack dashboard to quickly access the status of all mailing.
For more detail, select the mailing and then choose from a set of predefined reports to monitor and understand how a mailing is processing.
Analyze multiple mailings, tap into a full set of reports and take advantage of piece-level analysis.

Powerful Piece-Level Analysis:

Look up a specific mail piece using its unique Intelligent Mail barcode. A convenient and easy-to-read map shows the USPS location where that piece of mail originated as well as the expected destination determined by ZIP Code. No more wondering where the check is in the mail, now you can know.

Drill-Down Maps Provide Fast Visualization:

Easily visualize the progress of a mailing using EasyTrack maps.
Generate a delivery scan map of the United States to see what percentage of your mailing is expected to be out for delivery.
Drill down into 3-digit or 5-digit ZIP Code levels via state and country. Or, choose USPS processing facility delivery areas to determine how each Network Distribution Center (NDC) and Sectional Center Facility (SCF) is progressing with your mailing. Easily evaluate if a mailing is on schedule and identify possible delays at a specific NDC or SCF.

Customize Reports to Meet your Needs:

Should your organization need more specific information, EasyTrack gives you the flexibility to create, export and schedule a wide variety of ad-hoc reports.
Select key report parameters to view your mail’s progress exactly as needed.

Reports can be saved in various formats. Excel, PDF, CSV, TXT or Word and emailed directly from the EasyTrack website.
Plus, you can schedule reports to run at specific times to keep up to date and maximize productivity.

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